ESI Cloud PBX features include:

Unified Messaging includes visual voice mail-to-e-mail.

ESI Intelitouch™ enables users to take advantage of all key phone features.

Programmable Keys make common features one- touch-simple.

SIP Phone is included for each user, supporting user’s selected persona.

Call management provides custom call routing, parking, forwarding, and more.

Call Recording is available on-demand for all calls.

Audio Conferencing gives you a dedicated conference bridge for up to 15 participants.

Web-based Administration via user dashboard.

Visual Contact Directory lets you dial by name or extension with Click-to-Call.

One-Touch Help delivers automated help for easy use.

Auto-Attendant provides professional greetings and routing for all calls.

Advanced ACD includes call queues for ease of management and monitoring.

Unlimited local and long- distance calling as well as international calling.

Are you ready to replace your phone system for the last time?  NCS is a partner with ESI and can help you move to a cloud-based phone system.  There are several benefits to this.

ESI Cloud Services offers a complete end- to-end approach, allowing you to focus on your business while we focus on your communications. With capabilities that are simple to use and easily deployed, ESI Cloud Services takes the hassle out of managing your VoIP business phone system.



ESI has been dedicated to designing and delivering high-performance business communications for small to mid-sized businesses for nearly thirty years. We build our solutions with three distinct advantages in mind: they are intuitive to use, fully-integrated, and simple to manage. ESI takes the complexity out of the phone service, making it easier to communicate in the office or on-the-go.


ESI Intelitouch™ is the unique “handshake” between the phones and the desktop interface that only ESI can provide. While many providers offer fully-featured phones and applications, they’re often complicated to personalize and program; in addition, key presence features are not in sync, leaving a fragmented approach to user availability. No other provider offers this level of integration between the service and the phone.


ESI enables users to quickly and easily program keys on their ESI phones using the Web-based user dashboard. Users can set up specific keys for a simple one-touch experience; from speed- dial keys to special contacts or actions, ESI allows you to personalize your phone for one-touch use.


Many cloud providers are racing to add the newest feature into their offerings, complicating the phone solution while leaving out basic features you have grown to love. ESI focuses on bringing familiar business phone system features to the cloud — without the complexity. This delivers an intuitive solution that enables you to conduct business the way you want.


ESI takes a different approach to supporting our customers. We are dedicated to selling through local Resellers, offering a more tailored experience with a local connection for system support when an issue arises. A local Reseller can offer a personalized approach to support while helping you grow your business communications.


ESI Cloud PBX blends the features of the ESI desk phone with our Web-based1  application to give you real-time visibility into your business communications. The ESI solution includes integrated features such as one-touch call recordings,  personalized call routing,  multi-device management, visual voicemail, audio conferencing, and unlimited North American local and long-distance calling plans. ESI is the only provider that provides a fully integrated Web-based dashboard that works seamlessly with your phone, providing an unmatched customer experience.

ESI has always been and continues to be, focused on providing solutions that are simple to manage, intuitive to use, and fully integrated – making the most of every feature. With our long history of designing and deploying communications solutions, we know what growing businesses expect from their communications systems.