NCS has a wide range of available replacement parts, custom built components, and factory-direct equipment. Ask NCS for assistance with maintenance of existing components and acquisition of new equipment.  Microsoft, Compaq/HP, IBM, Toshiba, Epson certified. Does your computer operate slowly? Do you spend a lot of time waiting for your computer to start or applications to load? If so, your computer may need servicing or component upgrades. Contact NCS for consultation and evaluation.

Phone: (402) 228-4040


PC Drop-Off Cleanup
$49.95 / Incident
  • FREE Diagnosis
  • Install/Update Security Software
  • Install/Update Third-party Software
  • Uninstall Rouge Software
  • Root-kit Removal
  • Virus Removal
  • Malware Removal
  • Clean Registry
  • Clean Startup
  • Clean Temp Files
  • Includes Hardware Upgrade Advice
Regular Labor
$100.00 / hr
  • General Labor
  • Consulting Labor
  • Remote Cleanup
  • Remote Troubleshooting
  • Phone Support
  • On-Site Cleanups
  • Firewall Configurations
  • Network Configurations
  • Voice & Data Cabling
Server Labor
$150.00 / hr
  • New/Reinstall Server O.S.
  • Server Backup
  • Network Based Applications
  • Server Service Configurations
  • User & Group Creation/Manageent
  • Windows Updates
  • Troubleshooting Server Issues