Services We Offer

Remote Services

We offer a wide range of different way for you to stay securely connect to your office on the go or keep us connected to your office remotely from Beatrice. Most I.T. problems can be handled remotely and with software like this we are able to assist our clients even quicker with their needs. Let NCS help you get started or advise you in the right direction.

PC Sales/Repair

NCS has a wide range of available replacement parts, custom built components, and factory-direct equipment. Ask NCS for assistance with maintenance of existing components and acquisition of new equipment. Microsoft, Compaq/HP, IBM, Toshiba, Epson certified. Does your computer operate slowly? Do you spend a lot of time waiting for your computer to start or applications to load?

Backup Services

Data security is the life-blood of any business. Is your data safe? What will your business do if your system fails to start? Backup options are extensive. NCS offers peace of mind in knowing that your information is safe and recoverable should disaster strike. Contact NCS for a backup and recovery option that is right for your business.

Wi-Fi & Other Wireless Solutions

The beauty of wireless networking technology is that it enables you to use any computer, printer or Web-enabled device in your office from the same Internet connection. Wi-Fi and Wireless Solutions from the NCS, Inc team mean you can have a wireless network up and running in next to no time, allowing you to get a far better return on your existing technology investment.

Web Site & E-mail Hosting

NCS is an all-in-one solution for all your web development needs. Domain Name Registration, Web Site Hosting & E-Mail Hosting. Our development team has over 10 years experience designing professional grade sites. If you already have a domain name, NCS offers your own e-mail server. If you do not own a domain name NCS can provide one.

Voice/Data Cabling

Your business networks and communications depend on the quality of your cabling and wiring. Network Consulting Services, Inc. provides professional Network Cabling & Wiring services that will give you exceptional performance, manageability, reliability, and scalability. NCS can design the right system for your unique business needs, so you can rest easy knowing your data is safe and your IT is running optimally.